Donville Davis

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V/A - Roots People Music Vol 3 - Cousins

Its taken a while for Mafia and Fluxy to regain what they had - about ten years ago, but the big difference now is that they have a studio - and by all accounts its a very very good one with a Bob Andy set due for release very soon. In the meantime this set will go a long way to boosting them back up again - with contributions from Junior Kelly, Determine, Morgan Hertiage, Louie Culture, Luciano - in fact some of the biggest names in reggae. What makes it even more interesting are the tunes from UK based vocalists like - Vivian Jones, Richie Davis and Leroy Mafia himself - all of whom have got great tunes here. Engineer is Gussie P - or King Gussie P - a suitable promotion for Gus! While production comes from Donville Davis whose owns and operates the Cousins label. One of the best UK sets for years.