Doctor Alimantado - House Of Singles - Greensleeves/ Keyman - CD Fans of the good Doctor have always wondered what happened to all the singles from Tado. Some of them have popped up on LPs and CDs over the years, but what was needed was this, a comprehensive selection from the start of the man's career. Its a 16 track epic. With the first track 'No Gwan Soh' coming from 1969. Although according to the sleevenotes it was recorded in 1967. Making it a very early example of the DJ style. The first ten tracks or so are very rare, and really good. It makes sense as well, you just don't make a classic album like 'Best Dressed Chicken' there was a long build up to that set. The CD contains a massive 24 page booklet full of info - and thoughts from the good Doctor. Really good to see him working again with Greensleeves on this release. People like Tado have nothing to prove, but a helping hand can go a long way. Lets hope this set proves to be a boost to the rest of his amazing catalouge. Keep up the good works Tado.

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Dr.Alimantado - Sons Of Thunder - Greensleeves - CD

In 1978 the good Doctor's 'Best Dressed Chicken In Town' lp launched the Greensleeves label. The 'Kings Bread' album which followed it, did not set up the Doctor in the way it should have done. So a return to Greensleeves was a good move, a wise move. Although the problems that the 'King Bread' album had in 1979, was even worse in 1981. The Roots Radics dance hall sound was the sound of reggae, and nothing else was acceptable. So this albumeven though it's better than his previous two sets, was largely ignored at the time of it's release. Inlcuded here are excellent tunes like 'Born For A Purpose', 'Chant To Jah' and the incredible title track , one of his best tunes.

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Dr.Alimantado - Best Dressed Chicken In Town - Greensleeves - 1978.

One of the great roots DJ's of the early seventies debut album. And what a memorable event it was, as it was Greensleeves debut album as well. Recorded over a duration of three years form 1973 to 1976, 'Best Dressed' gathers together a number of producers works with the good doctor. Although they were really Co/Productions. For Alimantado always wanted something a little special. Even Scratch ended up doing it the Ital way. IE 'The Best Dressed Chicken In Town' cut in 1974.


Dr.Alimantado - Love Is Dr Alimantado - Keyman - 1983

A simple but great idea, a selection of Alimantado's old tunes (plus some new material) given a remix and freshened up, using up to date studio effects In one go he introduces an whole new set of DJ fans to his music. While making it worthwhile for his old fans to buy the set without feeling ripped off. Most of the DJ's best music was released on singles, which remains locked up the past. When today with some consideration (like payment and involement) they could provide a good income for those artists.