Duke Reid

Pleasure Dub - Pressure Sounds

Everyone seems to know about Treasure Dub Vols 1 & 2. Great works of dub - mixed by Errol Brown at Treasure Isle. They are as different from the works of King Tubby as King Tubby is to works of Errol T, or even man's works are to that of Lee Perry. Interest in the dub works of these engineers as never waned. LPs and singles are still sort after today of there mixes. Oddly Errol Brown - despite two great albums at Treasure Isle is not thought of in the same way. And this might explain why this next masterpiece from him 'Pleasure Dub' was released back in the mid-seventies and as not been reissued since!! Of course the other thing about dub is that so many great works were released in very small quantities it would need a dub boom for them all to be rereleased. Dub is not exactly booming, but its never gone away either - and hopefully when people here albums like this - they will want to hear more of these classics from the past.