Easy Star

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Various Artists - Dancehall Culture Volume Two - Easy Star

Think of Dancehall Culture and certain names spring to mind, Jah Love, Briggy, Sister Carol, Tony Rebel, Garnett Silk, Luciano. Well only Luciano out of that little list is present on this set. But sitting right alongside him are other great names in dancehall culture, like Half Pint, Tony Tuff, Anthony B, Sister Nancy and Triston Palma. And they make this a fantastic set, one of the very best releases on the Easy Star label. Which is setting new standards in current reggae music. New names are always good to see in the business, and singers like Minx, Guyanese, Dollarman, and Rob Symeonn hold there own with some of the best in the business. Recorded in New York and Jamaica at Ruff Stuff and Anchor with Michael G and Ticklah Axelrod handing all the instuments with production coming from Michael G - this gets 2002 off to a great start.