Elephant Man

Elephant Man - Monsters Of Dancehall - Greensleeves

A gathering together of all what made Father Elephant the deejay what he is today. Its a bit hard to put into words how people feel about the deejay scene in Jamaica today. At least Elephant Man - keeps to what he is a deejay, you can more or less always know its him. He's not a roots deejay one week, and a slack rude boy the next. And he's got a sense of humour. Deejays need that. 'Chiney Ting' still sounds funny today. And his idea of a battle of the deejays is take on everyone. His 'Truth Hurts' doesn't sound like a joke. Just like the 'Bad Man A Bad Man' you don't forget tunes like that. The CD comes with some nice notes from the man Brendan - a well militant youth!!!

Elephant Man - Higher Level - Greensleeves

A massive 23 track set from the Elephant that more or less keeps up the same standard of his first two. You can sense that there is a more commercial slant to this - but like the Sean Paul the whole thing maintain a Hard Core/Yard Core vibe. The big hit, which could even be a bigger hit is here 'Bad Man A Bad Man'. While ' Run For Your Life' with Jarvis Church is a seriously weird tune. Its a bit hard to imagine any reggae artist being stalked - but if it happens - Elephant Man as some good advice. A wide range of producers keeps it interesting from beginning to end.

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Elephant Man - Log On - Greensleeves

Second set from the Elephant Man, featuring a wide range of producers, which really makes it a compilation. But its good very good, that's what is important. They say you can always tell the state the world is in by certain words. And Elephant Man uses the word 'War' three times. Then you get a tune about about September 11th. 'Bombing' its a nice tribute done very respectfully. The very very best tune on the album for me is 'Earth Angel' featuring Lukie D, produced by Desmond and Rupert Blake for Q45 productions who are Elephant Man's management. This could and should be a hit its got the same kind of feel as 'Oh Caroline' from Shaggy.