Elizabeth Bryan

Elizabeth Bryan - Analyze - NP

Female Vocalists have always had a hard time in the reggae business. Every little step forward always seems to be two steps back. Lovers Rock did not sound very good to me. And still doesn't. Lorna Bennett and Sharon Forrester both had hits with love songs, and with strong rhythms. Come forward Elizabeth!

This woman as taken that idea to heart big time. Yes she does love tunes, but with good rhythms! She also does roots tunes. And pulling out a rhythm like Burning Spear's 'Social Living' shows where's she coming from - and where she is going too!

My favourite tune on the album is 'Is There a Place' she really gets into the song - bending her voice - recalling the vocal style of Trevor Hartley.

On 'Summertime' a great song and always popular in reggae - she is joined by Waseh. A new DJ to me with an old time style. Hopefully someone is working on more tunes with this man. Recorded and mixed at Room In The Sky - in London. Its shows where reggae could be and should be in 2012!!!