Eric Donaldson

Eric Donaldson - Cherry Oh Baby - Trojan

A massive 25 track set from one of reggae's most underated singer/songwriters. Best known for 'Cherry Oh Baby' but that was just the beginning for Eric, working for mainly Dynamics with people like Bunny Lee, Lee Perry and Warrick Lyn as in house producers - he kept the hits coming. But no matter how good they were nothing ever came close to 'Cherry' although tunes like 'Blueboot' came close. When he did do cover songs - it was songs like Dr.Hook's 'Sylvia's Mother' country/pop hit that he went for. It fitted in well his reggae country style of vocal. What found here is all that - and a lot more all from the early seventies. Although the last three tracks are the Lee Perry productions from about 76/77. It would have been nice to hear Eric working more with Scratch - he's got the right kind of sound for Eric. A truly excellent set.

Eric Donaldson - Right On Time

Songs like 'Cherry Oh Baby', produced by Bunny Lee for Dynamics, turned Eric Donaldson into a reggae superstar. In order to maintain this status, they (Dynanics) needed to bring in other producers. They didn't, and Eric slowly turned into just another Dynamics act. Sometime during the mid-eighties he finally took matters into his own hands and produced this great album. On it, he answers criticism of himself and makes remarks of his own. A bitter, and sometimes sad, but very truthful work.