Errol Dunkley

Errol Dunkley - Love Is Amazing - Studio One - LP

Errol's apparently got something like 3 lps for Studio One, dating back to the sixties. His few singles on the label are special, but this set is extra special!!! Its just got the right mix of love songs and reality messages, big rhythms and old rhythms. And Errol's voice as never sounded better. Its a 14 track LP, that hopefully will be moved over to CD soon. Over the last few years Coxsone been's giving a whole wide range of new talent a chance to come forward. Which shows that he understands the important of the debut solo set. I've enjoyed all those albums, but share the disappointment of some that a lot of the older stuff as still not been released - but this kind of move is very clever! Perhaps some though could explain the 50 year logo? By my reckoning its 4 years too early!!!!

Errol Dunkley - Profile - Third World - 1980

The History books will show Errol's Pop Chart entry 'O.K.Fred' as a novelty one hit wonder. Unlike most reggae artists who have gone into the charts his follow up material however isnt't aimed at the Pop Market. These are the basic facts. What makes Errol's music interesting is his own intense vocal style, copied from no one. Of course it's mellowed in his seventeen year career, but that is only to be expected. Although for me it remains one of the most expressive voices in the music.