Ethiopian - Everything Crash - Studio One - 1979

Leonard Dillion is the Ethiopian, during the late sixties and early seventies he was a member of the Ethiopians along with Stephan Taylor who died. They were one of the most successful vocal groups of the time. So this album from producer Coxsone Dodd was most welcome. Lyrical and vocally Leonard was in great form. When he sings of trials and tribulations of living in the world today, you can hear that this is from a man who knows. Listen to this album only if you want to feel the pain.

Ethiopian & Gladiators - Dread Prophecy - Nighthawk - 1986.

To reunite the that magnificent singer-songwriter Leonard Dillion/The Ethiopian with The Gladiators is inspired and yet so natural. You see, Leonard and members of The Gladiators go way back. The excellent sleevenotes will tell you more about that. That relationship is a good one, the understanding is such that you can not only hear good music, you can feel the good vibes present on this 4 track showcase. 'Dread Prophecy' opens the with a powerful drum lick that sets the whole mood of the album.

The Ethiopians - The Original Reggae Hitsound Of - Trojan - 1988.

Once again excellent sleeve notes, this time from Steve Barrow improve the release of an LP. They tell you that in many respects The Ethiopians were The Wailing Souls of the late 60's early 70's. No other group could match the very high standard of material that took in all the Rasta thought and ideology that was to crystalise a year or so later with artitst like Bob Marley, Junior Byles and Max Romeo etc. All the big hits are here - 'The Whip' 'Everything Crash' - 20 great tracks in total.

The Ethiopians - Engine 54 - Dr Buster Dynamite - 1990

After two new albums and a compilation album, it was good to see someone - in this case Dr.Buster getting around to reissuing one of their albums released when the group was at their peak 'Engine 54' was recorded for Wirl in 1968, but strangely is a mixture of Rock Steady Doo-Wop and even Mento. Yet it all works, the best tracks are the big hits like the title track, 'Train To Skaville' and 'Train To Glory' but other tracks like 'You Got The Dough', 'Long Time Now' & 'Come On Now ' are just as good.

Leonard Dillion The Ethiopian - On The Road - Heartbeat - 1992.

As time moves on it seems we have to wait longer and longer for new releases from this generation of artists. Which in many ways makes sense. Better to release one good album every five years or so, than 4 bad ones to every one good one, in the same amount of time. This in every respect is a good one. Produced by Leonard himself, it a traditional type of Ethiopian/s album in that it's a mix of cultural/reality songs with love songs that have a lot more in them than is usual for genre.