Family Man


Aston Familyman Barrett - Familyman In Dub – Heartbeat - CD.When dub is discussed more often than not the musicians who have played on these albums or tracks are forgotten. Step forward. Familyman. When you think about all the classic dub sets he worked on its incredible. Yet what of his own work. Well here it is – a 14 track dub set that takes in all what made the made famous. Strangely considering his brother Carly was one of the greatest reggae drummers – some tracks feature a drum machine, but this work is some of the best dub ever made.


Various Artists - Aston Familyman Barrett – Cobra Style – Heartbeat - CD. Well known and respected for his bass playing with the Wailers and before that the Upsetters. Familyman was also a good keyboard player, and producer. The 15 excellent tracks included here feature work with Brimstone, Jimmy Riley, Ashantiwaugh, Senya. They all have that Wailers/Perry sound that was very popular in the seventies. Also inclueded are a brace of instrumentals like ‘Guided Missle’, Eastern Memphis and the incredible ‘Distant Drums’.