Fanton Mojah


Fantan Mojah - Stronger - Greensleeves

Of all the artists involved in what only could be described as a Sizzla singing/singjay style. Fantan seems to have got it right the most. He picks a subject and sticks with it - the lyrics sometimes tend to ramble - but slowed down it makes a lot more sense - than when its done at top speed. Lyrically as well it culture that interest Fantan and so that what he sings about. An honest approach that is the best way. Production wise its mainly done in the one drop style. Its a style that suits the lyrics. A great set.


Fantan Mojah - Hail The King - Greensleeves - CD

Fantan is part of the now generation of reggae artists that have slowly emerged since 2000. All of them are highly talented singer/songwriters. This set is the debut from Fantan, and its so good to see it on Greensleeves, who in the past released more debut albums from reggae artists than any other company. This a massive 18 track album plus two video tracks. Produced by Josef Bodanovich for Downsound Records. Each and every track provides messages of reality and culture. 'Hungry' the hit is here plus others of that are just as good. Excellent truly excellent