Full Watts



Really great to see Full Watts out deh again. Every edition is a wonder to behold, great photos and design, plus a line up of reggae's finest talent - some of whom in the case of this edition have never been interviewed before despite having musical careers that go back a generation. Lloyd Campbell owner of the Spiderman label, is the case in point. A massive interview by Solid Rock that asks all the right questions, and thankfully Lloyd answer them all. Well one question is missing, is there any relation to Lloyd F Campbell - owner of the Thing label. A great label. Anyway other artists in this editon are Carlton Livingston, a much appreciated singer at Small Axe. Jah Woosh a great DJ and producer and the magnificent Errol Scorcher. Plus a load of other great stuff. Available from Steve Milne milne@csus.edu




Full Watts - Vol 5 No 2. - 52pp.

Another great edition of Full Watts, covering as usual all the aspects of the reggae scene. This edition includes an with BB Seaton by John Public and Miss Pat, Version Galore from Steve Milne, Earl 'Bagga' Walker from Jim Dooley, Rock Steady Vocal Groups from Brian Keyo. Joseph Hill from Steve Milne, Fully Fullwood interview by Solid Rock, a feature on Outernational Records, a Horsemouth Press Conference! plus a load load more. Good design and great graphics make this worth every penny. And you can spend them at Dub Vendors in the UK, and Ernie B in the US, where you can get this great reggaezine.

Full Watts - Vol 5-1

You can't keep a good man down, so it is written down from creation. Steve Milne after a two year gap brings us another edition of Full Watts rammed with good interviews and information. Prezident Brown takes the cover and fully deserves it - a new old time type of deejaying with a lot to say. A massive interview with Fully Fullwood from Soul Syndicate comes in next. Very little is known about the band depite them being one of the best known bands in Jamaica. The African Brothers also get a major write up- another first. Major interviews with Pablo Moses and Ticklah plus news and reviews are also present. Its always been a great read and this edition maintains that very high standard.


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