Gussie Clarke


VA - Gussie Clarke - Music Works 87-91 - Greensleeves

Recalling the events of the late eighties in Jamaica music scene's its remakable that even a producer like Gussie Clarke could move the likes of King Jammy and King Tubby out of the way in one go. At the time it looked like it going to be Youth Promotion - but it didn't happen. So here it is - 12 tunes that changed the reggae scene in Jamaica. Gregory's 'Rumours' was a massive hit that and with a story that only Gregory could tell over a rhythm that only Gussie could build it had to be a hit. Other favorites here are Home T, Cocoa Tea, Shabba Ranks 'Pirates Anthem' . While another combination tune Ninajman, Gregory and Freddie 'John Law' also pushes all the right buttons. Would have likes to see him work more with Papa San - and Admiral Tebbit - but this is how it ran back then.

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Augustus Clarke at King Tubby's - Black Foundation Dub - Motion

Attitudes towards dub change like the seasons. Most of the great dub albums were compiled and released at the same time - it made them sound like an intergrated set, even if they weren't. This set from Gussie was a mix of dubs from the early seventies right up to about 1977. It was a very good album, but people were looking for a certain sound, and this set had a variety. Now this sort of compilation is standard. The seventies can be looked upon as a block of time, people are not going to break it down into roots and rockers and steppers. But this is what this set is about. Mixing comes from King Tubby which connects it all up. And its a welcome edition to the many classic dub sets now being made available again. This one's also got great sleevenotes from Dave Katz. Another great release on Motion.

V/A (Gussie Clarke) 1RLP - Music Works Showcase 88 - Greensleeves - 1988. The first in the series and without doubt the best. 10 cuts of Gregory Isaacs 'Rumours' rhythm. The record that turned Gussie Clarke into one of the most successful reggae producers

in recent times. Virtually overnight his Music Works studio became Jamaica's No.1 studio. This album shows the type of talent he was attracting. Respected names likes Ken Boothe and The Mighty Diamonds, are here along with the likes of J.C.Lodge who had the other big hit with the rhythm 'Telephone Love'.

V/A (Gussie Clarke) - Ram Dancehall - Mango - 1989

All of Gussie Clarke's music and biggest hits were released on Greensleeves from about 1987. Then Mango/Island released this. Which can only be described as a collection of greatest hits that never were. Each of the 10 tracks from different 10 artists would have been hits, if released on single. A couple were eventually released - just to prove the point. Although when it comes to highly arranged well produced reggae music, Gussie Clarke really as nothing to prove.

V/A (Gussie Clarke) 3RLP - Music Works Showcase 90 - Greensleeves - 1990. The third in a series that pulls together all the various strands that made Music Works the No.1 studio of the late eighties. A 3 rhythm album, whereby you can hear how Gussie and his various engineers are able to reshape rhythm tracks into almost any style of the music. The last 4 tracks on the album demonstrate the process at its best. Starting with Admiral Tebbitt 'It's The Blues' followed by works from Home/Cocoa T/Shabba Ranks, J.C.Lodge and then Steelie And Clevie.