Gussie P

Various Artists - Roots & Dub Vol 1 -

Sip A Cup

Gussie P as been around on the UK reggae scene for a long long long time now. Early eighties at a guess. He's seen it all. The rise and fall of lovers rock, the rise and fall of the fast style. When he finally started his own label - he made some of the best Digital tunes that have been produced in the UK on his Digikal label. In the nineties he turned his attention more to roots. Producing great works with Judah Eskender Tafari and Fredlocks. From 2000 onwards he's worked with the likes of Earl Sixteen producing the excellent 'Wonderous Works' set. This latest batch of music includes another album from Earl, The Twinkle Brothers, Robbie Valentine, this set and the two below that. Six albums.. way to go Gussie P!!! This set is presented in showcase and is basically a round up of his latest works, plus great tunes from Jux and Cornell Campbell. Which could well mean that's he's got albums with both of them as well. Its all great stuff. The solid kind of production you would expect from the man. And easily puts him on top of the premier league of UK producers.


Firehouse Dub Vol 1 - Sip A Cup Meets Negus Roots.

Negus Roots released some great sets in the early eigties and decades ago put out a couple of dub sets mixed by the Mad Professor. Now its the turn of Gussie P to work those controls of his and see what he can get of these magnificent rhythms. Gussie's attention seems to concentrate on the bass drum - on this set. Not sure who the drummer is - but the patterns he's producing are outstanding - and its something that you don't hear much at all in reggae. Gussie also gives the organ and the piano a good run out - and of course adds a whole battery of sound FX which are truly shocking!!! Not to be played by people with a weak heart - - well dub is not meant for people like that anyway - but you have to consider health and safety Gus!!!


Matic Horns - 400 Years - Sip A Cup

I cannot remember the last time anyone put out a horns album!!! Instrumental sets are so rare - you would think it was illegal to produce them. Thankfully Gussie P - does not think about such things and so here it is. And its a truly a great set. For fans of rhythms - there are so big big rhythms here - but they are not recut in the traditional style - every track as got a edge to it in some way. The Matic Horns have been around a long long time. And you think that they would have an album before this set, but I think this could be their debut album. Its so great to hear them. Some of the UK's finest horn players working together - hopefully this will be successful enough for more albums to come. Gussie should be given some kind of medal for releasing this set!!!



Gussie P - Oriental Dub - Riverbank- LP

Gussie's been engineering in the UK for years, and is a great fan of dub. As far as I know he's never mixed a ragga dub set until now, and with this set produced by Paul 'Fu Man Cho' he shows how it can be done. Step one is to keep everything moving - the drum is given a little bit more space than normal. The effects though are kept to a minimum anyone excepting to hear a selection of weird and wonderful 90's fx is going to be disappointed. Thankfully that approach to dubmaking is gone.