The Hippy Boys - Reggae With The Hippy Boys - Trojan - CD

When people ask about the origins of Version, usually most people will talk about Lee Perry, those who know a bit more will you of Andy Capp, Herman Chin Loy and Lloyd Charmers not many will call the name of the Hippy Boys and the reason for this is simple, this album in its ten track form as not been available for something like 36 years. Which considering the massive amount of music that Trojan as released in the last ten years or so is even more incredible!!!! Produced by Sonia Pottinger, it finds the young Barrett Brothers on bass and drum, along with Glen Adams on keyboards plus Reggie Lewis on guitar - this set is 25 tracks, the original was a ten track set, so there are a lot more fine example of the early version style, mainly produced by Lloyd Charmers. A truly classic album, musical history.