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Home T, Cocoa Tea, Cutty Ranks - Another One For The Road - Greensleeves.

'Holding On' is such a great album, and was an even better concept bringing together a vocal group with a singer and a DJ. The album was also a massive success leading to this second set minus Shabba, who by then had signed with Sony. Cutty was a good replacement but all the good vibes on the first set kinda went wrong with this set. Bringing in Hip Hop tracks was going to far. Having said that other tracks are outstanding Coco's 'No Blood For Oil' was revelent then and it is today. Likewise 'Oil Ting' . The best combination track is 'Alien' another very revelent topic. Once again it was a shame that this didn't work as well as the first set, but the concept was born. And without these works the likes of Ward 21 and Voicemail would have had a more difficult time.