Hopeton Lewis

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Hopeton Lewis - Take It Easy - K&K Records - CD

Variously covered by Prince Buster, Delroy Wilson, Desmond Dekker and Hopeton himself, and reworked by Johnny Clarke (Water pumping and Rockerís time now) and I. Roy (Crisis time), the title track was a huge in Jamaica in 1966, and heralded the dawn of Rock Steady.Other tracks include the brilliant "Sounds & pressure", "A de pon dem", "Let the little girl dance", "People get ready (This is Rock Steady)" and allegedly the first song with a direct reference to drugs, the musically rather ominous sounding "Cool cool collie". The whole album is a classic set, featuring Lynn Tait & The Jets hard rhythms (listen to those rimshots that just crack through the tracks!) and Winston "Merritone" Blakeís ground-breaking sparse production, this is an essential purchase for Rock Steady lovers, and predates Hopetonís "Boom shaka lacka" era with Duke Reid by about three years.The album flows so well, that when you reach the 30 mins., 52 secs., you just reach back for the play button to start it over again. I cannot recommend this highly enough. Charlie Reggae