Icho Candy

Icho Candy - Glory To The King - Jah Shaka - 1993

Horace Andy's high range vocal style has given inspiration to numerous Jamaican singers. Only one singer though, Winston Evans, aka Icho Candy, has taken the style further. This album produced by Jah Shaka represents his debut. That fact alone is remarkable since he's been singing for years, at least since the early 80's. Yet even great works for people like Pablo and Jazzbo didn't give him the breakthrough he fully deserves. Hopefully this album, which is superb, will change all that. It should.

Icho Candy Glory To The King

1.Glory To The king

2.Everyman have a talent


4.love is the key

5.reggae music


7.economic crisis


9.revelation time

10.Have No Fear

Produced By Jah Shaka