Ini Kamoze

Ini Kamoze - Debut - 2CD

Reggae music is full of mysteries, not least why certain artists are promoted to the max, with a full range of CDs always available, while other artists are reduced to one CD in the the racks, or even worse no CDs. If the stuff came out on a small label, you could say its just economics, but when its major multinationals - with huge resources its senseless. And when that artist is very popular, it begins to look sinister. So what does an artist do? Well in the case of Ini - he came to the conclusion that the best way of dealing with this problem was to recut all the stuff he did with Sly and Robbie on Island - again. He could have done it in a new style, but wisely stuck with the sound of Sly and Robbie in the mid eighties. His old fans can enjoy them just as much as the originals, and his new fans will now have something that represents this truly great reggae artists. Forward Ini.

Ini Kamoze - Ini Kamoze - Island - 1984

Five years after Junjo and Barrington Levy begin the 'The Dance Hall Style' form of reggae, Island give us Sly & Robbie and Ini Kamoze and try to make us believe it's something different. While also claiming Ini is the "New voice of reggae." Yet all Island had to do to promote the album was to say here's Ini Kamoze a new reggae artist in a dance hall style. Perhaps with a picture of him behind a console on a sound system, for that is where the man is coming from. and there's nothing to be ashamed of in that.

Ini Kamoze - Statement - Island -

Ini Kamoze's second great album for Island, as remarkable as that may see. Of course there have been problems. Like Island just can't release a reggae album without some aggrovation. This time it was the mix. So you may find a copy of 'Statement' which is another Sly & Robbie production, that lacks weight in the rhythm section. And that's one thing Ini cn't do without. Ini needs a good strong rhythm in the same way that Half Pint or Cocoa Tea does. His strength is in his voice, not in his lyrics.

Ini Kamoze - Pirate - Island - 1986

An history of Black Music from the blues would show that there is always an artist/group who want to take their music to a wider audience, the problem is how far do you hve to go to achieve the desired success.Enter Ini Kamoze thisis his third album for Island, and he's still making good music. In that his lyrics reflect current thinking. musically Sly & Robbie are still in firm control. Although its clear to see that they have both been listening to a lot of different music's, all helping to make this a great set.

Ini Kamoze - Shocking Out - Greensleeves - 1989

Isn't is possible for a reggae artist to keep his integrity and stay with a major? Still Island's loss is Greensleeves gain. 'Shocking Out' is a superb LP. Ini rather than try to reproduce the sound of Sly & Robbie as gone for the computer sound of now created for him by a mixture of Cleavie & Steelie, Danny Brown & Thompson and Tyrone Downie. Into this he as intergrated his own set of messages that draws from a_wide range of subjects_ All passed along to us in that very special voice of Ini Kamoze.