Jackie Mittoo


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A Tribute To Reggae's Keyboard King - Jackie Mittoo - VP

Jackie Mittoo was not only a great keyboard player, he was a fantastic arranger and producer. This set is a wonderful idea - take 18 of Jackie tunes, and let others rebuild them in the current style of reggae rhythms. The set starts off with 'Evening Time' from Monty Alexander - featuring some melodica from Monty which is a nice touch. Neville Hinds cut of 'Hot Milk' is another favourite. You just cannot go wrong with these rhythm, Jackie blended keyboard melodies to bass lines with ease. Reggae music at its very very best. This is a worthy tribute to the man. Other great keyboard players on the set include - Gladdy, Harold Butler, Robbie Lyn, Clevie, Tyrone Downie, and Wrong Move - Crossdale.

Jackie Mittoo - Champion In The Arena - Blood And Fire - CD. Jackie will always be associated with Studio One, but to say his best work can only be found on that label is nonsense. Jackie worked with Bunny Lee from whence this selection is drawn - then did great works for Youth Promotion - and also did a good portion of work for Wackies in NYC. This 17 track set recorded at Dynamics 1976-77 finds the man picking his way through the Studio One catalogue backed by people like Sly and Robbie. Its a great CD, made all the more interesting by great sleevenotes from the one called Penny Reel.

Jackie Mittoo - Macka Fat - Studio One

This man was Mr.Studio One and without him it is very likely that Coxsone would have had a lot less success. Even in the sixties most of the great Studio One records were built first and voiced later. The fact that they sound so good can only be credited to Jackie Mittoo. When Jackie died at the end of 1990, he left to reggae music a catalogue of music, and yet strangely the only Studio One LP to find him in great form is 'Macka Fat'. The other albums tend to be a mixture of standards and uninspired instrumentals.