Jacob Miller

Jacob Miller - Who Say Jah No Dread - Greensleeves-CD.

Jacob Miller is a singer I've missed out on, as a retrospective collecter, until now that is. This album compiles all the "Killer" Miller tracks from his sessions with Augustus Pablo from 1974-75 and inter-laces the Dub tracks between the vocal sides, which works really well. From other albums purchased, I'm more familiar with the Dubs that the vocals, so this really is a treat in being able to hear the originals.Of the tracks featured are the opening tune of "Keep on knocking" ("Knocking Vs"), "Each one teach one" (Each one teach one Vs") and the seminal "Baby I loved you so" which served the basis of one of the best known Dubs, "King Tubby meets Rocker's uptown". His voice is strong and clear and mixes material of cultural and love themes and is mastered from the master tapes so there is no annoying pops or clicks and being mid-priced makes it well worth buying for the collection.

Jacob Miller - Who Say Jah No Dread - Greensleeves - 1992. Subtitled 'The Classic Augustus Pablo Sessions 1974-75' which really says it all. Jacob went on to bigger things with The Inner Circle band, but he never really made anything as good with them as he did with Pablo. And the reason for that is the quality of the production work. In the mid-seventies Pablo enjoyed making rhythms that were multi-functional - you could dance to them or listen to them. Either way you would end up enjoying yourself. Some good songs and a strong singer like Jacob, increased that enjoyment.