Jah Cure


Jah Cure - True Reflections - VP
Perhaps it would have been a bit better to let Jah Cure catch his breath before coming with a new album. Except of course its not a new album, only one track is new, the rest is a collection of singles recorded over the last few years while in jail. Reggae music as never had to deal with someone convicted of a sex crime. And its done more soul searching on the subject of Jah Cure than anything else. But he's done his time now. Hopefully his victim is doing OK, if she's not lets hope that Jah Cure and reggae music can help in some way. Although justice and reggae music do not go together, this is not the usual kind of injustice. Anyways this is a very good set, and we can only hope that Jah Cure will be able to provide us with some more great works.

Jah Cure - Ghetto Life - VP

Recorded just before Jah Cure was put into prison, this album produced by Beres Hammond, his first I think with another artist. Is another stunning set full of great songs and well built rhythms. And it confirms that Jah Cure with that crying vocal style is going to be at the very forefront of reggae music when he's free again. The music needs people who can write and sing songs of the highest quality found on this work.

Jah Cure - Free Jah Cure - The Album - The Truth - J&D

New vocal styles always cause a stir in the reggae business. Jah Cure's contains elements of Yami Bolo and Garnett Silk (I think), but just as good, are his song writing skills. The man has a way with words. Of the 12 tracks here, most of them of are cultural, and they represent some of the most devotional lyrics since the seventies. The rights and wrongs of why the man is in jail cannot be looked into here, but this album suggests to me that there is something wrong somewhere.