Jah Mason

Jah Mason - Wheat And Tears - Greensleeves - CD

The Sizzla style in a singing style. Jah Mason is not the first to attempt it. Sizzla himself as done a pretty good job - before going to his DJ style. Jah Mason is a singer though, and its good to hear him coming along, good songs, and good solid roots production from Byron Smith. Probably the most remarkable track is 'Now You Say' its a love song that someone like John Holt could end up singing!! Its got a very seventies type of feel. Overall its a roots album, very militant - and one that sets Jah Mason in the right direction. Realistically people who like this kind of style want to hear these kind of lyrics - and with the right kind of production it works. The Firehouse crew pop up on a load of the rhythms. While recording as took place all over the world, Jamaica, the UK, the US, and Sweden


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Jah Mason - Most Royal - Jah Warrior

The bobo form of deejaying is not deejaying at all, its closer to preaching, and when it gets too fast - an artist could be saying anything. The solution is to slow the 'DJ' down, its what Kariang did very successfully with Sizzla a few years back. The same label as recently released a set by Jah Mason, but failed to employ the same production technique for him. Jah Warrior thankfully as slowed him down. The UK built rhythm are good as well recorded at Conscious Sounds in London. Jah Mason comes up with some good lyrics all cultural topics - hopefully the set will be successful and other producers will take note.