Jah Mel

Jah Mel & The Rhythm Factory - Reflections

The digital era is seen today in very simple terms - Jammys, Tubby, Gussie Clarke, anyone would think that they were the only people building digital rhythms. Yet there are some great works outside of those produces. And this is one. Jah Mel and The Rhyhm Factory were a band formed in the mid eighties. During that time they released some incredible 12" and one album 'Ruff For Years'. Its the combination of the those 12" and that album, that makes up this one. Its a fresh sound. It sounded good then, and it sounds good now. Of course the songwriting and vocal skills of Jah Mel are what makes this set really special. But the productions values then and stood the test of time!!! Roydale Anderson wasn't trying to copy anyone when he made 'Watchful Eyes' and this set is the same. Its stands alone. If only more people had the same idea, reggae music would be a better place.



Jah Mel - Timeless -

A truly remarkable talent - with a rare gift to work in both the roots and dancehall styles. This is his third true album although there is a collection and a album with Gregory Isaacs. This set though captures all the goodness of his first album 'Watchful Eyes' with all the the dancehall vibes that were released on 12" and then gathered together on the set 'Ruff For Years'. What makes this set different to the rest is that is blends together the very best of those albums into one. The roots tracks which include excellent tunes lkie 'Africa Awaits' ,'We R One' and 'Count Your Blessings' are some of the best of that those works heard in reggae for years. When it comes to dancehall listen out for 'Real Dance Hall' a true anthem for the lovers of the style. 'Lan Lard' and 'Money Gone' which could also be roots reality tunes - its the sort of tunes that made the music so great - no matter what style you are into - roots or dancehall you will love them. And the album is just the same. 17 tracks of pure niceness!!

Jah Mel - Now And Then - Andy's - CD.

'Watchful Eyes' was an amazing when it came out in 1983, to improve on a set that featured The Wailers on the rhythms and featured Judah Eskender Tafari on backing vocals was going to be something special, yet this what as happened. All the original tracks from 'Watchful Eyes' and in original form, together with six new excellent tracks recorded from 1996 to 1998. This time with rhythms coming from mainly Squidley Cole & Chris Meredith A rare example of something really good being made really better.

Jah Mel - Watchful Eyes - Andy's - 1983

What stories can be told of the singer Jah Mel? None for I have none to tell. My knowledge of this gifted talent is all contained within this great work 'Watchful Eyes'. For this music is magnificent, and is one of the best reggae albums ever made. Check the credits on the album. Produced by Roydale Anderson and recorded at Harry J's in Jamaica with the Wailers. With backing vocals from Judah Eskender Tafari. This is an incredible album. Full of great songs and rhythms.