Jah Shaka

Jah Shaka - Dub Salute 8 - How Long Dub - Jah Shaka

A year or so ago - Shaka in true Shaka style relased a number of great works. Great vocal sets with Tony Tuff, Johnny Clark, Winston Jarrett, Roger Robin and Stranger Cole. In the past - Shaka as always followed up these releases with dub sets - it was a great tradition and its one that needed to be maintained. And he's done it! So far I know of only three sets - and this one was the first to be released. And its a great work!!! Tony Tuff's vocal is present here and there throughout the set - and it needs to be - he's got a great voice and the 'How Long' is one of his strongest sets. The mixing is pure Shaka style lots of super heavy bass lines and with drumming and percussion that comes straight from Africa. We need more albums like this - and its so good to see Jah Shaka leading the way. Forward.

Jah Shaka - Dub Salute 7 - Praise Jah Dub - Jah Shaka

This one employes the tracks from the highly successful and long awaited Johnny Clarke set. And its just as good as the Tony Tuff set. Once again its the mixing that is magnificent - Steppers by its very nature - is all about the drum - there are great bass line here - but its the drum that gets the attention. It takes real work and imagination to make it sound fresh time and time again - but like anything to do with Jah Shaka - he makes it seem so easy that is the knowledge that comes from working his sound for many many years. You cannot buy that kind of experience. His followers have probably heard mix after mix of the music on this album - a selection process that is unique to reggae music. Perhaps there might be one or two special mixes that can only be heard only on the mighty Jah Shaka sound - but that's the way it should be.

Jah Shaka and The Firehouse Crew - Authentic Dubwise - Blow - CD

Hopefully the new year will be a good one for this man. If he's fully recovered from the fire - that put him into hospital and destroyed his studio. He will want to get back to the work - that's he done so well, for so long. This album came out about the same time as the accident - its the first one for a long time. And it put together alternative dub mixes from the sessions that he did in the early nineties with the Firehouse Crew in Jamaica. This dub mix was done by Gussie P at Jah Shaka's studio World Beat in London that was destroyed in the fire. Gussie's done a great job - and I'm sure will be at work in the studio again very soon.

Jah Shaka – Commandment 6



Jah Disciples Dub

Testament Dub

Commandment Dub

Tribute To His Majesty

Inspiration Dub

King David’s Dub

Blessing Of Dub

Deliverance Dub

Kingdom Dub

Redemption Dub

All Tracks by The Disciples

Recorded at Disciples Studio


Jah Shaka- Commandment 7




Dependance Dub

Life Dub

Nyah Dub

Zion I Dub

Triumphant Dub

Mystery Dub

Praises In Dub

Selah Dub

School Of Dub

Rainbow Dub


Fasimbas/Shaka All Stars

Recorded At Easy Street