Jerry Johnson & Neville Anderson


Jerry Johnson & Neville Anderson -

Brass Rootz International

I've said before, and I'll say it again. There are a lack of instrumentals in reggae music - be it 7" or albums! In the same way that dub was just tossed aside by reggae HQ back in the eighties. Instrumentals suffered the same fate back in the seventies. But all is not lost with people Jerry Johnson around you can always be sure that in a matter of time there will be a great sax album. In this case its with his spar Neville Anderson. Together they are known as Tom and Jerry!!!

What an amazing album its got all the goodness found on the previous work of Jerry - but now you can hear the wonderful sound of the trombone in unison to Jerry's sax playing. They work there way through a really nice mix of originals and versioins. The sound is the sound of modern Wackies although there is no mention of the studio at all. Despite the set being recorded in New York. It doesn't really matter because with the right people great music can be made anywhere and this is truly great music!!!!!


Small Axe - Price £5.00 inc P&P UK - £7.00 inc P&P rest of the world.