Jimmy Radway


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V/A – Keep The Pressure Down – Fe Mi Time - CD.

Anyone familiar with reggae music in the seventies will know how frustrating it was to get hold of certain labels. Glen Brown’s ‘Pantomime’ label is one. Another one would be Jimmy Radway’s ‘Fe Mi Time’ label. Like all the best producers the man had a sound. Not as distinctive as Lee Perry or Channel One, but still strong enough to know you were listening to someone producing who had more than a roll of dollar bills in his backpocket. The line up on this incredible CD speaks for itself. Leroy Smart, Errol Dunkley, Big Youth, Pablo. To unknowns like Scatty Bell – who sounds so much like Bob Andy, it is untrue.


FE Mi Time

  1. Mother Liza – Leroy Smart
  2. Mr.Ellis – Bobby Ellis
  3. Tina May – Vin Gordan
  4. Mirror Mirror – Leroy Smart
  5. Warning - Desmond Young
  6. Keep The Pressure Down – Errol Dunkley
  7. Happiness Is My Desire –

Leroy Smart

  • Hell And Sorrow – Hortense Ellis
  • Tribulation – Big Youth
  • Black Cinderella – Errol Dunkley
  • The Best Big Youth - Big Youth
  • Cinderella In Black –

Augustus Pablo

13. Zion Youth – Vin Gordon

  • Black I Am – Scatty Bell

Produced by Jimmy Radway