John Clarke - Rootsy Reggae/Visions Of - Wackies -CD

The Wackies label as produced a number of excellent singer/songwriters as well of course a tremendous amount of very talented musicians. And in this massive reissue programs from Rhythm & Sound's Basic Channel label they have now got to John Clarke. The 'Visions' set is well known to most Wackies fans, but 'Rootsy Reggae' is more or less a mystery. Together they form a magnificent set - 22 tracks featuring a collection of remixes, and overdubs. The songs are just as good, reality, love and culture. 'Babylon Spanking' is one of best, but 'John Brown' and ' You Like To Borrow' are just as good. Not forgetting 'Wasn't It You'!!! The only question that really remains is what happened to John Clarke. How can a major singer/songwriter come up, make a album/albums like these two and just disappear? If anyone knows - please let us know!!!