Jump Blues Strictly For You -Fantastic Voyage 3 CD set.

Jump Blues,Shuffle Beat call it whatever you like. Is an area that only now is being given serious attention. And its fans can't enough it seems. The first 3 CD set sold very well. And here is the next set.

Phil Etgert once again pulls together all themes that make up what shuffle beat is. From vocal group, singers, sax players - keyboard players. They are all here.

Like the the first set you get a massive booklet packed with info and photos.

You also get three CDs, with nearly 90 tracks.

On the first set it was Doc Bagby who really knocked me over. On this set its Felix Gross. These little known tunes are what kicked up a storm in Jamaica all those years ago. And people are still looking for them today!

Lets hope yet another box of this great music appears sometime soon!!


Jumping The Shuffle Blues - Fantastic Voyage 3 CD set

The strong links between Jamaica and the Southern States of the US are well known. It doesn't take very long to work out that Ska as got a beat that is very close to what was coming out of New Orleans in the fifties.

The problems start when you try and find CDs or albums that make sense of the connection.

Fifty plus years after the birth of Ska, here it is. A magnificent collection compiled by Phil Etgart. Not only do get 3 CDs nearly 90 tracks. You get a great booklet that is packed with info. With all the great artists who created that sound.

What is really good, is that for people like myself who have been following 'Shuffle Beat' for years - decades there are people here - who were unknown to me.

Doc Bagby is just one. A great keyboard player with a great sound along the lines of Bill Doggett. An essential selection.