Keith Hudson


Keith Hudson - And Illustrated Discograpy -

Vincent Ellis and Jean Scrivener

All reggae book project tend to be massive project lasting many many years. The reason for this is simple the basic research - charts, label information does not really exist. For every label documented there are probably ten labels that have no information.

Keith Hudson as released hundreds of tunes on many labels - so this was going to involve complex research. The good news is that first Jean Scrivener and then Vincent Ellis have done a fantastic job!

Its just a shame that you have to a computer to access it - but I would think that most reggae fans now can do that.

You can search by artist, by title, by label. Labels, photos of artists, album covers are all included.

Its truly amazing. Buy online from ernie b's


Keith Hudson - Playing It Cool - Basic Replay

The last couple of years as seen a amazing amount of interest in Keith Hudson. It seems that every major reggae label now wants to have something from Keith Hudson in there catalogue. Thankfully this is one of the best ones. Its got all the classic Keith Hudson sound trademarks, but you can hear the Wackies connection. Which makes it very special. Just like the work of Muncher Jackson, who's 'Free For All Set' must be up for a reissue soon from Rhythm Sound. Although that is a dub. This is a vocal set, but Keith's vocals are such that they sound part of some dub process. A classic album, and a great place to get into the special sound of Keith Hudson.