Ken Boothe

Ken Boothe - A Man And His Hits - Heartbeat - CD. Ken Boothe's is a great singer/ songwriter. The bulk of his greatest hits however were scattered over singles and album releases that did the man no credit at all. Thankfully and at long last Heartbeat have sorted this problem out in one go with this superb release. This set coming from Studio One is full of some Ken Boothe's finest moment including 'Moving Away'. 'You're No Good' , ' The Train Is Coming' and of course 'Artibella' with Stranger Cole. Excellent.

Ken Boothe - Let's Get It On - Trojan - 1974

Although having worked with countless producers including a long spell at Studio One, this album produced by Lloyd Charmers still remains the most overall consistantly good album from Ken Boothe. In that here you will find good songs, some fantastic arrangements and thoughtful production. Coming out just before his huge hit 'Everything I Own' - the sound is very much the great early seventies session band The Now Generation band working out of the Federal Studios.