Kendrick Andy


Kendrick Andy - African Blood - Militant

When people ask what artists singer/songwriters have the UK Roots scene as produced. You do have to think about it. Not many is a simple answer. Martin Campbell was one of the first - and here is one of his team Kendrick Andy. Who came along a few years later. Originally called 'Another Night In The Ghetto' when first released by Colin Moore back in 1995. It should have taken Kendrick pretty close to the top. Martin Campbell's production is superb throughout - and Kendrick is an excellent singer/songwriter. ' African Blood' ' Skitz Ah Education' and 'Another Night' are great tunes. So why didn't it happen for Kenderick. Well his follow up set was placed in the hands of someone who thought it would be a good idea to release under a different name. Lets hope this does not happen this time. And Militant a French reggae label get the chance to give Kendrick a chance. It's one that Kendrick fully deserves.

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Kendrick Andy - Lord Of The Dance - Kandy

Most of the sort after LPs now, were only available as 'Pre-Release' back in the seventies. This set thankfully is a CD. And will be very hard to find, but if you enjoy UK Roots, superb singing and excellent songwriting - you will want this set. Its as good as Kendrick debut album from 1995 'Another Night In The Ghetto' in fact a remix of that track is here on this set. Why Kendrick didn't break through then is a long complex story - but its really good to see him trying again. This is basically the part two to 'Another Night' With tracks coming from then right up the present. The production is from Martin Campbell aka Little Lord Creator - and he's in great form.