Ken Parker

Ken Parker - The Best Of Groovin' In Style! - 1967-1973

Its taken a long time for Trojan to move outside of Various Artists, Bob Marley and Lee Perry sets. If reggae music's history was dominated by such concept and people - it would be a very poor one. Ken Parker music is the stuff that was released on Trojan in the old days so you would expect to find it on the label today. Duke Reid and Bunny Lee productions dominate this set, with the rest coming from Joe Gibbs, Byron Smith, Lloyd Charmers and DC Anderson. And its a really good set - showing why Ken Parker is loved so much by the reggae community. He's one of those singers who can take a song and make it his own, that's of course when he's not singing his own songs! Because this man is also a great songwriter. The sleevenotes are good as well, although mention of Tenor Saw on the Kariang label with reference to 'Kiss An Angel Good Morning' is confusing. The late Tenor Saw cut the tune for Skeng Don. And is available from LionVibes. Thank you Matt Downs. And is also on the CD 'Tribute To Tenor Saw' (Diamond Music) Thank you John Masouri! Meanwhile Ken Parker is very active in Miami recording and also hosting a radio show 'Heartbeat Of The Carribean' -

Ken Parker I Wanna Be Loved - Success.

When RupIe fIrst settled In the UK he released most of his catalogue on 12". Thss seems to be the start of his 7" campaign. And what a record to start wIth. Ken Parker as one of the most distinctive voIces In the music. ThIs Is just totally outstanding. A hard rhythm balanced by a beautifully played lead guitar. Truly hope Rupie releases Shorty The President cut 'Sharper Than A Razor'. Although a lot of people aslo would like to see the I.Roy cut 'Great.Great, Great'.