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The Skablasters - Wild Sounds Of Ska - Goldtone.

Not content with successfully creating some of best instrumentals of recent years with the King Duke All Stars - Roger Dalke turns his attention to one of his other great loves Ska. Unlike the work on his King Duke All Stars sets - The Skyblasters is a truly wild mix of samples and sounds that really capture the sound of the time so well. Keeping in with the theme of the time - all of the titles have a ska feel as well. 'King Pharoah' 'Red Beard Ska' 'Ska Of King' and 'Attack'. Some of the best work on the album comes when he mixes Ska with instruments like clavinets and synths. Its one of those things that don't sound like it could work - but it does and in fine style. Any form of music needs innovation and this set is full of it. Hopefully on the next one we well hear some melodica - the far east was created by Don Drummond - but it was Pablo who took it forward. In the meantime if you ever wondered what Pablo would sound like playing clavinet on Ska - here it is - excellent!!!

King Duke All Stars - Sounds & Pleasure - Treasure Beat

Instrumentals once were the flagship of reggae music. From its earliest days right into the mid-seventies then it came to an end. We are now lucky if there is one instrumental LP released. With that in mind I doubt if 2008 will provide anything better than the lastest release from the King Duke All Stars. Its an album full of great tunes. From the magnificent' Duppy Mountain' which clocks in at 7.10 and which takes the listening through a musical journey up down and around the said mountain!!! Then comes up 'Nassau Jump' which successfully blends reggae with one of its Carribean neighbours and comes up with something else again. Produced byKing Duke and mixed by Jazzbo T in the UK its reggae at is very instrumental best!

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King Duke All Stars/Jazzbo T - Dub Island - Treasure Beat

Jazzbo T returns to the board after six years to give a dub mix to first King Duke album 'Reggae Island' released in 2003. His first dub mix was The Small Axe People' Original Version. On that set he used Cool Edit Pro to great effect. This set is more traditional in that every track on every tune is dubbed in someway. Its a more complex way of working - but Jazzbo T does a very good job. The 12 tracks present show us all the mixing and dubbing styles that we all know and love. 'Wacky Dub' and and 'John Crow Dub' are very very wild. In recent years dub like instremental as suffered because of a lack on new ideas - engineers like Jazzbo T show that there are new and interesting ways of doing things - Forward!

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King Duke All Stars - Reggae Island - Treasure Beat

Instrumental reggae music gets on average one CD a year! In a good year two!!! With such neglect its only natural that lovers of the intrumentals were going to take matters into there own hands. Step forward - The King Duke All Stars a concept coming from the man Roger Dalke - who's been listening to reggae for years. He's knows what a good tune is, and now he's created some for his first CD production. Inspired by producers like Andy Capp, Sir JJ, and many many others who worked in one of reggae music's most exciting era's. Its not easy trying to match that kind of excitment, but the King Duke All Stars once fired up really go for it. 'Wickie Wacky' is my favourite on this 12 track set - but 'Seaman's Valley' and the title track 'Reggae Island' are also well wild.

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