Lee Perry


Lee Perry - Sound System Scratch - Pressure Sounds

Very little of any note as come from Perry since the Black Ark closed down. There have been many compilations and even a few new albums. Arkologly come closest to really getting to the Roots Of Scratch. What made him Scratch! This set takes that idea and takes it a step further. This is Raw scratch. Its the kind of music you hear when you llisten to Wackies or Rhythm and Sound, but Lee Perry got there first, all those years ago. Think of it like this, the music that was released at the time was in colour, yet it needed something else. This is the something else. Its like the same music in black and white, or perhaps even in black and black! It sounds better a lot better.

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Lee Perry - Earthman Skanking - Orange Street - CD

Yet another Lee Perry set which is good, but could be a lot better if themed. It would make it more interesting to new and old fans alike. The tracks are all good, but need to be place in context. If it were a big hits set, it would make sense. But Lee Perry wasn't really about big hits, he had a few. For reggae fans what made him special was that he was always looking for something new. Only King Tubby matched him for innovation. The rest just lived off his ideas. Phasers, Distortion and rhythm boxes were all brought into the music by The Upsetter. Even Samples!!!

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Give Me Power - A Lee 'Scratch' Perry Discography - David Katz.

Published by Trax On Wax

Price £12.99

What can you said of this massive work, it contains over 1000 vinyl releases and more then 450 Jamaican singles. On the contents page you get more info. Contain within is a introduction, catalog and matrix info, international album guide, jamaican singles guide, jamaican discos guide, uk 7 european singles guide, uk discos guide, us & canadian singles guide and a us and canadian discos. That is a lot of work, but if anyone could pull this off its Dave Katz. The same attention to detail found in the 'People Funny Boy' book is present here. It's looks great and is very easy to read. A must for all fans of the music.

Lee Perry & The Upsetters - The Upsetters Shop Vol 2 - 1969 to 1973 - Heartbeat - CD . Another great set of music produced by Scratch, but with all these various artists set coming out, with a tremendous of duplication, when is someone going to try something different. Why not concentrate on some of the many artists the man worked with. It wasn't just Bob Marley & Junior Byles. He did a fair proportion of work with Leo Graham, David Isaacs, deejays like U.Roy and Dillinger. With regards to this work what is nice is the the era 1969 - 73.

V/A - Black Arkives – Justice League - CD. The tremendous amount of music made by Lee Perry in the seventies is still slowly being made available. This 16 track set covers an era around 74/75. Included here are the very rare tunes by singers like Sam Carty – who was lead singer with The Astronauts band at the time. His ‘Life Is A Flower ‘ and ‘I Don’t Mind’ are worth the price of the CD alone. Throw in Brent Dowe’s ‘ Down Here In Babylon’ and ‘Vampire’ by The Upsetters and you have a truly essential set.