Leroy Brown


Leroy Brown - Color Barrier - Makkasound

This album is a cornerstone of reggae classic albums. Produced in Jamaica and Canada by a team that includes Robbie Shakespear - its on par with Willi Williams 'Messenger Man' set recently released by Blood and Fire. My only gripe is that this set would be a lot better if the original track list had been kept to, with the dubs and instrumentals coming after, just like Willi's CD. Leroy is a great singer, he kinda whispers sometimes, and then raises his voice - when he's feeling it. And his songwriting is amazing, itís a shame that tunes like 'Ranking Byron' and 'Give Thanks' could not be included they would have fitted in well with the rest of set. Even so its so good to see this remarkable album finally available again after many years. Leroy is a great singer/songwriter and hopefully this mean more interest in his other works.