Leroy Smart


Leroy Smart - Dread Hot In Africa - Makkasound

Over the last ten years some artists have had a great deal of there music released on CD. Not so Leroy Smart. One of his first was the Channel One set, which was strange because an album from him on Channel One which everyone wanted never came out at the time!!!! That was a very belated releaase. Then came a set for Bobby Digital, recorded in the early nineties. What was missing was all the work with Bunny Lee, some of those tracks appear here. Now with a production credit to Leroy. It makes sense, Bunny works like that. This is a great set, Leroy is a remarkable singer and songwriter. Itís a big voice, a very powerful voice - but itís a range of shades from happiness to anger and everything between. The sleevenotes on this set are always very interesting - and it seems the release of his first record 'So Mean To Me' for Jackie Estick it seems in 1967 is incorrect!! Mr Caribbean indeed!!