Little John



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Little John – Give The Youth A Try – Live & Learn /Rasslin - CD.

Another great reissue from Delroy Wright’s label. Little John vocal singjay style was popular from day one amongst reggae people, when he hooked up with Junjo/Delroy – the sound that they had been producing was perfect for him. The mixing on this is great and comes from Bunny Tom Tom working out of Channel One. Where this 8 track set was also recorded. The songs go from messages like the title track to sing a long’s like ‘The More We Are Together.’

Little John - True Confession - Powerhouse

Little John's debut album for Powerhouse is just as impressive as Barrington's or Michael's albums for the label. He also shares the honour of having a big hit single 'True Confession' being turned into just as successful an album. He first recorded as a DJ, but his quick change to singjaying brought him even more success. Like all the best singers once you've heard Little John, you could never get him confused with anyone else. That appeal plus these ever so crisp Powerhouse rhythms make this album essential.

Little John - Best Of - RM - 1985

When it comes to various styles in reggae music, there are certain artists who just define a style perfectly. One suchartist is Little John. The man was probably born in a dance hall, learned to skank before he could walk and learned to sing before he could talk. This latest work from the man is called 'The Best Of Little John&. Well such outrageous titles are common place on reggae sleeves. Everyone knows that, but this time it's true! This C.Chin and G.Douglas production is a stinger. Many thanks to General Lee.

Little John - Clarks Booty - Live & Love

Little John's progress of late as been very pleasing to listen too. With no promotion except for his work on various sound systems, where's he's always one of the most consistent performers, he's slowly established himself. On this LP for Jammy he rides one dance hall rhythm after the other with ease, and he always sounds fresh. With a selection of lyrics that have something to say about most aspects of life. Including 'Give Me No Bun' a inspired plea for more natural/Ital found over a wild steel pan lead rhyhtm.