Lloyd Campbell



Skin Flesh & Bones and The Revolutionaires - Fighting Dub 1975 -1979 - Hot Pot

The dub era produced so many great dub albums, most of them came out in Jamaica on very small runs, a limited press of 200 or 300. In the mid sevenities you would see them on the walls of record shops or leaning against a speaker on a stall. Back then the prices of such dub sets were £20.00 or £25.00 which would be expensive today, but then!! There were dub albums from Channel One, Harry J, Randys' and one to this day that I have not heard yet 'Now Gen In Dub'. Then there was the released dub albums, 'Fighting Dub' (Jama) was one of them, why its taken so long to be re-released on CD is beyond me. It was a classic set then, and itís more than a classic today. Produced by Lloyd Campbell, while mixing was done at Joe Gibbs by ET. It features all of Lloyd's big hits - 'Dread Out Deh' from Joy White, 'Won't You Come Home' from Ronnie Davis, and 'I'm Your Puppet' from Jimmy London, there are many more here to enjoy. A truly essential dub set.