Macka Diamond - Money O - Greensleeves - CD

Ever since Sister Nancy - and her ground breaking 'One Two' LP for Winston Riley - I've always had a soft spot for the lady DJ's. All of them, made at least one great album, some of them more than one. In recent times, Lady Saw as kinda kept the flag waving - but the reality/cultrual side of things as been neglected. Macka Diamond is very much in the Lady Saw style. Perhaps not as a slack, but still coming from that direction. Look at the cover. The twenty tracks on offer here, come from a very wide range of producers. Clive Hunt, Robert Livingstone, Dave Kelly, Donovan Bennett, Patrick Roberts. The result is lots of different styles. Some of them are not reggae at all. Wouldn't even like to say - what they are. Itís a good start, but the best of Macka is still to come. Just sticking with one producer would probably be the best thing to do .