Mark Wonder

Mark Wonder - Victory - Jah Light Music

A remarkable singer and songwriter - Mark's previous works are truly outstanding, but when you have a number of singles out there it makes a lot of sense to gather them together for a set like this. All the greats have done that, Dennis Brown, Sugar Minott and Gregory Isaacs. And they have been great works, this one joins them. And hopefully will provide the little bit of punch that will make more take notice of him. A 13 track set - full of cultural and reality lyrics of the highest quality - sung in a unique style. Mark's now got a really good team of people around - its just up to the reggae fans now to go and support works like this - reggae music needs more artists like Mark Wonder to truly move forward - but they also need some support - its always nice to get a download, but then go and buy!!!

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Mark Wonder - All Rights - Sound Proof Productions

Mark Wonder - Jeremiah - Soundproof - CD
Mark Wonder - The Avalanche - Redbridge - CD

Followers of reggae music all know that there are very little overnight sensations in the music, all the greats have had many releases before they finally breakthrough - but that was the sixties and the seventies. In this day and age, it should not take years for a major talent to be noticed.
And yet here we have two albums - 'Jeremiah' released in 1999
and 'The Avalanche' which is still a possiblity for release. Something is seriously wrong in reggae music, when this kind of thing is going on.

Lets be clear these are not just good albums these two are up there with the alltime classics.
Mark Wonder's vocals are something new to reggae - Aaron Neville the great New Orleans R&B singer would be the only person who sounds anything like him. Yet its the lyrics from Mark that make him special they are on par with Luciano and Garnett Silk - really deep meaningful songs that touch your very soul. This is reggae music at its very very best. So how do you get the first album, well thankfully are on the internet so please contact them
by email - or phone 876 944 4697. Hopefully when the Redbridge set comes out, someone will make sure that 'Jeremiah' is available as well. Both of these albums are something that needs to be heard.