Matic Horns


Matic Horns - Musical Storm - Sip A Cup

A truly epic 2 CD set of trombone instrumentals featuring the one called Henry 'Buttons' Tenyue. His set for Mikey Brooks dipped into all musical eras. This one with Gussie P at the controls, takes the talented trombone player into roots - dancehall - and steppers.

The first CD concentrates mainly on roots and dancehall and pulls in rhythms like 'Billie Jean' and 'Satta'. These are mellow work outs on mellow sounding versions of these rhythms. They are very relaxed. Gussie P's production style trying to maintain a steady vibe over all the tracks.

CD two fires up inna Steppers style. Not all the tracks are CD 2 are Steppers but most of them are. And Gussie's knowledge of this style is very evident. He loves the style and it shows. A follower of Jah Shaka. The rhythms are deep in African culture. With percussion on all the tracks adding a new depth to the production. Yet its Henry's trombone player that is the star. No matter what the style - the man produces melodies for them all, in fine style!!


Matic Horns - Increase The Peace -

Coptic Lion

Sometimes reggae music can really make you despair. So many great traditions cast aside - for no real good reason at all. Instrumentals,Vocal Groups, Dub albums, Sound System, and even the Deejay scene is not exactly jumping. But one area as picked up Bands. The likes of Midnite have turned that around - totally. Matic Horns are also a band in a way. And have played on many sessions in the UK for many years. Teaming up with Mikey Brooks kinda makes sense. With Mikey being a long standing reggae vocalist. However very few people could have predicated this result. A truly classic set. Mikey as tapped up some great rhyhtms in his time - this time its the turn of mainly Bunny Lee, with Keith Hudson and Phil Pratt in there as well - but the horn arrangements are amazing. Truly amazing. Henry 'Buttons' Tenyue plays a trombone style that makes it sound massive!!! Its like listening to about ten trombone all at once. Totally different to Don Drummond, Vin Gordon, or Rico. The result is one amazing album. Which currently is probably No.1 in the reggae album charts.