Jamaican Dancehall Signs - Maxine Walters



Jamican Dancehall Signs - Maxine Walters - Miss Lily's

Anyone familiar with any knowledge of reggae music, and in turn Jamaica will soon start to notice the posters and signs that are used to advertise all kinds of things reggae related - shows, dances, new releases.

So its truly great that Maxine thought it was high time that this artwork needed to be documented. My only problem is the way she's gone about it. Why use a stepladder and a hammer, when you can use a tripod and a camera - and document the art in its correct context.

Preservation is something else again. That makes sense. Better for them to be collected - then thrown out. Which is the point that Maxine makes in her book. But why can't we have both! Lets see the poster or sign in its correct context - and then in a gallery somewhere.

Hopefully Maxine's next book will do that.