Michael Rose


Michael Rose - Babylon A Fight - Cousins

It seems like many years have passed since Michael split from Black Uhuru - thankfully his solo work his just as good. This album is the equal of the set for Jah Screw, or the the Frenchie set. There have been plenty of others - but those two are outstanding. This one features a mixture of Mafia and Fluxy rhythms and old Bunny Lee rhythms. Recorded and mixed at Stingray Studios in London, it finds Mr Rose in good lyrical and vocal form. Plenty of militant lyrics which is what the man is all about. Donville Davis does a good job on the production side of things - keeping the sound rough and tough



This set was always going to be a very good one, the kind of dense sound that Ryan Moore loves so much is perfect for the kind of wailing intonations of Michael Rose. Once again Ryan's parked himself in the producers seat for this, while letting people like Style Scott, Dean Fraser, Bobby Ellis, Chinna and co get on with it, in fine style. Although the horns are boosted up even more here with likes of Vin Gordon and Karl'Cannonball'Bryan. This big kind of production suits Micheal Rose very well, and he comes up with some great lyrics - all of them very cultural. A ten track set that is the man's best for a very long time. Full credit to everyone involved in these works.




Michael Rose - X Uhuru - Tabou 1- CD. Sly and Robbie musicianship and production skills are second to none, but when it comes to getting albums actually released they are in same league as Coxsone Dodd. In other words clueless. If they have a plan, it's one that only they understand. This album should have been out in the early 90's followed by a dub set and instrumental set. Which would also be nice to hear. As it stands itís the best album from Michael Rose bar none. If it had come out when it should have done, the history of the music would have been rewritten.