Miss Mention



Went as a last minute thing, but thank goodness I did!! This event was held at the Straford Rex in London, a really massive venue, seems to be a converted church or something similar, so that's an idea of the size... When I went at 2.30am, the place was nicely filled, not packed so much you had no space, but not empty either... There was some early juggling, not sure by who, but the vibe was good when I got in...Bashment girls in revealing outfits with flowing weaves were mingling with dreads with flowing locks, but everyone seemed to be getting on just fine!

Lecturer started off the show with a fairly good performance, but I was disappointed by the fact he didn't include his old hit 'Punany Too Sweet'...He performed for about 20-25 minutes which was the time slot allotted to each perfomer apparently. He was then followed by what I assumed was a comedy act, a weirdly attired man in a silver and purple jumpsuit who climed up onto the speakers and such like.Some people seemed to find him amusing..

Courtney Melody was next to take centre stage, he was well recieved and did a really good set. Then in came the Big Belly Man, Admiral Bailey who did a fanastic performance, including some of his bect know hits, 'Two Year Old', 'One Scotch' and 'Jump Up'.... He poked fun at the outpouring of new dances and offered one of his own which he claimed to have picked up in Japan, the 'Samurai' which had the crowd in stitches..He had the crowd eating out of his hands with his redition of 'No Wen Nuh Betta Dan Yard'. He well over-stayed his 25 minute slot, but the crowd were still begging for more when he left... A truly great performance.

Then, in came the man perhaps a good half of the crowd had been waiting for, for the first time in seven years in London I believe, Charlie Chaplin... He sang and then started 'teaching' the audience, hitting out against the uprise of homosexuality and also commented on the sins of taking your own life...He did a spoof of Elephant's Man 'Pon Di Riva' had the whole place in an uproar, showing that the Principal is still going strong.

When he left after 25 minutes, we felt cheated almost, was a good performance but definitely not enough... In came Pinchers who did a fairly good set, complete with a cowboy costume and matching hat, which he soon disposed of, appearing in a number of different outfits. Chaplin I must admit was a hard act to follow and really Pinchers didn't seem able to carry the vibe, apart from the front section of the crowd, he didn't seem to be holding the audiences attention.

Nuts was next, and had the crowd eating out of his hands...He hasn't lost any of the sparkle that makes him Jamaica's top comic DJ..He did a fastastic rendition of an old-time favorite 'Big John' which had the audience doubling up with laughter...He did not disappoint and was the icing on the cake to finish off what was a fantastic night which delivered all it promised and also was completely trouble-free.

Miss Mention