Monty Alexander and Ernest Ranglin


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Monty Alexander and Ernest Ranglin - Rocksteady - Telarc

Reggae music as always been a very outward looking music, which means that you can blend and mix anything with that basic heartbeat that was first heard on the shuffle beat tunes of the late fifties. Take away that heartbeat, and its no longer reggae music, its usally a poor copy of something else. Step forward Monty and Ernie on kinds of levels these two men know reggae music inside out and forwards!! The idea of this set is very very simple take a selection of great reggae classics and jazz them up, they have done it before and it worked and this set works even better.

'East Of The River Nile' out of the 12 tracks here, works the best - that whole far east sound is something very close to that much loved reggae heartbeat. 'Stalag 17' is yet another favourite, along with 'Double Barrel'. Toots pops up on vocals on 'Pressure Drop' but that should have been a slowed down version, this one runs a little bit fast. Yet each and every single track shows the power of reggae music - its got no need to pretend to be something else.