Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari


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The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari – Grounation – The Roots Of Reggae – Proper/Retro – 2 CD.

Originally released as a triple box set on Grounation/Vulcan in 1973, this work as always captured the imagination of those seeking the origins of reggae music and Rastafari.

For Count Ossie was highly involved in the creation of the former, and was of course a well respected Rastafarian. He played on the original of ‘Oh Caroline’ by the Folk Brothers, one of the records that changed Jamaican rhythm and blues into Ska.

This tune ‘Oh Caroline’ is actually on this set , its not the original, but it is still a powerful piece, performed in true MRR style.

Of the 13 tracks spread over the 2 CD’s – 4 are traditional rasta chants. Including ‘Bongo Man (4 mins. 50 secs) , ‘Four Hundred Years’ (4 mins. 28 secs), which is later repeated in a longer form.‘Oh Caroline’ (3.30 min. 30 secs) and ‘So Long’ (4 mins 45 secs).

‘Narration’ (13mins 05 secs) is an excellent example of Rastafari reasoning. While Tracks 4 and 6 are listed as ‘Poems’ and are exactly that.

‘Malorat’ (Passing Thru) (3 mins and 30 secs,) ‘Lumba’ (7 mins and 05 secs), ‘Ethiopian Serenade’ (4 mins and 20 secs) and the incredible ‘Grounation’ (30.00 minutes) are more instrumental in their nature and feature the full range of rasta drumming .

Horns are also a big part of this set and feature Cedric ‘Im’Brooks, who is also credited as Musical Director. These arrangements are strongly influenced by Jazz . Produced by Arnold Wedderburn this set is essential listening for anyone interested in reggae, past, present and its future.

The MRR together with Ras Micheal & The Sons of Negus are two of the foundation stones that the music is built on.