Musically Mad


Musically Mad - Karl Folke & Andress Wesilen - DVD There a a number of great reggae documentaries.'Roots Rock Reggae' 'Deep Roots Music' and 'Word Sound And Power' Years ago someone should have done one on the sound systems of Jamaica -the home of the sound system and the birthplace of reggae music.

Its not happened yet. Although if anyone could make a great documentary on Jamaican sound system it would be these two youths from Sweden. This doc on the sound systems of the UK - Musically Mad is up there with

the best of them. By zooming in on the UK Reggae Roots scene they have made something that for most people would find very hard to understand. Yet this is Totally enjoyable. Every single person who is featured in the doc makes great points. The cutting from one person to another is great - using some old footage is also very well done.

Probably the best bits for me - and I don't really want to do this, because like I said the whole thing is so good - and isso enjoyable, but special praise must go to Iration Steppers in Leeds, Mark is a natural storyteller. His story of toothless sound men is wild. Find out why there are so many toothless sound men. Buy this DVD. Its worth every penny!!!!