Nah I


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Nah I - The Revelator - Jet Star/Charm

Patrick Alley is Nah I, he's been in the business for years, and as made some great records, classic tunes. Like 'Come See Yah' released in the UK on K&B in 1977. A great reality tune. Sometime around 81/82 he released his debut album, it contained a track 'Just Another Night' - Patrick claimed that Mick Jagger had covered it on his debut solo album. It all ended up in court, and on the Six O'Clock Nation News in the UK. Patrick walked away from the music business then. But thankfully for reggae fans he's back now as Nah I. This album is truly excellent. Original songs and rhythms. Musicians on the album are the Scriptures - I wonder who they are? Recorded and mixed at Striker Lee Studio. (The first album from it?) and mixed at GG's and Anchor.