Nerious Joseph


Nerious Joseph - Love's Gotta Take Its Time - Fashion - 1988.

Finally UK reggae singers are getting the kind of support that they have needed. A good studio to work in, talented musicians and a label/s committed to good reggae music. Now artist's like Nerious can work with some degree of peace of mind. This LP finds him in a lovers mood. Which is no great surprise. Apart from 'Sensi Crisis' his first tune and a hit, he's been recording lovers tunes. Although 'Sensi Crisis' is included on the LP in a remixed form.

Nerious Joseph - Yours To Keep - Fashion - 1989

The success of the last album and other singles released on Fashion by Nerious in the same style - together with the on-going success of Maxi Priest, originator of the vocal style that Nerious employs, all really added up to this album being very close to the last one. Very good songs, mainly written by Nerious or by the Fashion Music team, are then arranged and produced with a great deal of attention to detail. All of this great work can only lead to more success for Nerious, and Fashion.